“We Are Pentecostal In Worship and Apostolic In Doctrine”

Calvary Tabernacle is a Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Trinity, Texas pastored by Reverend Guy Hargrave.

We are a friendly Pentecostal Church and consists of a congregation that is composed of people who are of various ages, and social backgrounds.

We believe that everyone is important! If church is something new for you or if your image of Church is one of disappointment and negative thoughts, we would appreciate the opportunity to offer a more positive experience.

We offer a variety of ministry groups to assist you in staying connected to the church. We offer children’s ministry, youth ministry, life groups and much more.

Our main focus is to help provide an atmosphere of love and godly fear to help all who are searching for what satisfies spiritually. This is our Great Commission. We strive to never lose or become distracted from this goal of spiritual pursuit.

Here at Calvary Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church we love to worship God with enthusiastic expressions. We invite you to come and visit with us in our Worship Services. Come and hear the Word of the Lord taught and preached with fear and fervor. There is something great for everyone in the family.

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